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Podere ai Valloni - Boca

Here the vines and the wine are both rooted in history. The Gaelic Celts, even before the arrival of the Romans, already cultivated the vines and made wine, which they drank copiously. Nobleman Finazzi first introduced nebbiolo grapes to our hillside some two hundred years ago and established the first professional winery in the area, structured along ridges running from east to west. Benefitting from the midday sun, the soil has particular geological characteristics and the roots of the vines, nebbiolo (70%), vespolina (20%) and bonarda novarese (10%), grow deep into rocky crevices of Permian rhyolite.

Vigna Cristiana is a single grape winery, perched at the top of the hill, dedicated to the exclusive production of our Boca: this ensures the traceability of our grapes.
Boca DOC is one of Novara’s historic DOC wines and was the first to be registered in the Boca Register of Wineries in 1970.

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