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La Source

The SOURCE was founded in 2003 by the will of some young farmers, backed by different experiences in agriculture and especially in wine, as well as descendants of families valdostane devoted to agriculture for generations. Currently the company is owned by the family Celi-Cuc and Stefano Celi is its soul. Born in 1971, he graduated from an agricultural expert at the Institute of the Salesian Lombriasco, descendant of a family that for generations has been dedicated to agriculture in Valle d'Aosta, after other work experience and always part-time farmer, since 2005 is dedicated to full time to farming and particularly wine. The company covers an area of approximately 6.5 hectares planted with vineyards DOC. The care of the vineyards is followed by the holder who chooses the best agronomic techniques in order to have the vineyards that best express their potential.

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