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Salama da sugo

Salama da sugo is a meat by exotic flavors, which combines the powerful aromas of spices to flavor pork and fruity red wine.

The process is complex: different cuts of pork grind first optionally with addition of small amounts of liver and tongue and tan with salt, pepper and Red wine. It also allowed the use of cinnamon and cloves. For what about the wine, as well as local vineyards that make up the name Bosco Eliceo, are used indigenous varieties of the bordering provinces. The meat is bagged and tied with string, forming eight segments. Maturing - 6, 12 or 24 months - is the moment for
get a great product. When mature Salama is placed to boil hanging on a lanyard and closed in a linen bag to prevent it touches the bottom and walls of the pot. Sumptuous food and old, has a strong flavor and almost acrid, ranging from a moderate bed mashed potatoes or, better, pumpkin.

Salama da sugo Ferrara is, in terms of taste, one of the hardest meats that exist. The impact is as strong palates and, at the same time refined. Indeed notes musky conferred the sausage from the long seasoning mix all'acre of red wine,
the arrogance of the spices, the flavor intrusive. The sausage can be combined with same wine used in its preparation, but also stands up well to the combination with a important red wine and body.