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Champenois or Traditional method.

Champenois method, also known as classic or traditional method, is still the best way to get excellent sparkling wines.

It consists of a second fermentation of the wine in bottles closed tightly to trap the carbon dioxide, which creates the characteristic spume or “mousse’”. The bottles are placed in the cellar where they will rest for several years in a horizontal position and, fundamentally, at temperature comprised between 10 and 14 ° C. Slowly the wine changes into sparkling wine and acquires a peculiar smell and taste, given by the action of yeasts. When the second fermentation is completed, the bottles are prepared for the market through a series of operations: the remuage on the pupitres, then the degorgement, and finally the capping and labeling.
After a final short rest, the bottles embellished with their accurate and traditional packaging are ready to face the judgment even of their most demanding consumers.